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The distinction you never thought you needed. We always push to create beyond average.  


From a passion project in 2018, that led to becoming a cycling brand. To break away for a moment from his daily routine, the founder created collections of jersey designs. Mid year of 2020, he decided to step on the pedal, thus forming Chase Manila. 

“Chase” is truly a significant word to us, as it signifies catching up with most of the things we want to do and achieve in life, given the limited time we have each day, or even in this lifetime. But no matter the limitations, we must keep on pursuing and chasing our dreams. 

This together with our tagline of "Prevail with Grace” symbolizes our hard work with good values. Fulfilling your mission won't be easy, but we should always play by the book. 

Know that each of our design releases is a work of passion and passed through several trains of thoughts, before being committed to you, our dear patrons. We want you to wear our products with pride, as it is made with hours of creative process. A work of dedication, because this is what we all deserve.

Chase Cycling Manila

Designed and Made in the Philippines

We always believed in Filipino Craftsmanship